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Aaron Wilson

Musician & Songwriter


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Can't Sleep (2021)


Aaron Wilson is an indie rock musician and songwriter based in Huntsville, AL, and is currently playing with local band The Nerve.  His influences span many genres and include a diverse list of artists, such as Elvis Costello, Peter Gabriel, Tori Amos, and the Beatles.  He performs both solo and in bands, and is a multi-instrumentalist proficient with vocals, guitar, keyboard, bass, and drums.  His live stage experience spans over 25 years, and he has written well over 100 songs across that time.

Aaron has been playing in the local Huntsville scene consistently over the years and has shared the stage with local artists of all levels of experience and acclaim.  He has been a member of a number of Huntsville area bands including Paone, Hot Soup, NEB, Drip Centric, and his current band, the Nerve.

Aaron has released two studio-recorded albums so far: the five-track EP NEB (2011) and the full-length album House On Fire (2021).  

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